A healthy body, in and out

Prime Performance has and continues to be devoted to providing its patients with customized, comprehensive, and effective health and wellness solutions that help individuals achieve optimal lifestyle choices and whole-body care. From a medical perspective, Prime Performance has committed itself to acquiring the best and most medically sound professionals in the chiropractic, physical therapy, pain management, acupuncture, nutrition, weight loss, and fitness fields. The 6 Pillars of Total Body Wellness by Prime Performance are founded on a holistic approach to human health and wellness, and have proven to positively transform the lives of patients. The 6 Pillars of Total Body Wellness, when implemented correctly, help develop a healthy body both in and out.

Chiropractic care is the science of treating musculoskeletal injuries through the use of chiropractic adjustments to help improve range of motion, increase mobility, and decrease pain.  Along with safe and gentle adjustments, Prime Performance uses the most up-to-date therapeutic modalities to help enhance the healing process.

Techniques may include:

  •        Erchonia Cold Laser Therapy
  •        H-Wave and Marc Pro Therapy
  •        Flexion-Distraction Traction
  •        Therapeutic Ultrasound
  •        Rocktape Kinesiotape
  •        Instrumented Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
  •        Recovery Boots Compression Therapy

At Prime Performance, physical therapy is administered when a patient has suffered disease or injury that impairs their physical movements. By applying targeted physical recovery methods such as massage, heat treatment, and exercise rather than by drugs or surgery, Prime Performance patients achieve greater results quicker and develop better fitness habits. 

Benefits of physical therapy include:

  • Improved mobility & motion
  • Relief of pain areas including lower back, neck, and headaches
  • Lower risk of obesity-related diseases
  • Faster injury recovery time
  • Better management of heart and lung diseases

Acupuncture is an age-old Chinese health technique used traditionally to prevent, diagnose and treat disease, as well as to improve general health. Beyond the benefits to a person's energy (qi or chi), acupuncture serves as a natural and healthy remedy for body pain. In addition, patients with degenerative diseases like rheumatoid arthritis have seen dramatic improvements in their health.

Prime Performance's Dr. Paul Jun, a certified doctor of acupuncture, has helped patients:

  • Reduce chronic migraines
  • Reach a more healthy and stable weight
  • Boost their immune system
  • Reduce stress and lower blood pressure
  • Alleviate seasonal allergy symptoms

A healthy body, in and out. The aesthetic pillar of the Prime Performance Total Body Wellness solution focuses on helping patients regain and/or improve their natural beauty. Whether through the use of naturally-sourced face and body products or technologically advanced processes, Prime Performance doctors excel in helping patients complete the whole-body wellness they deserve.

Prime Performance procedures include:

  • Exillis: Anti-aging and skin-tightening benefits for the face and/or body
  • Hydrafacial: Anti-aging benefits
  • Chemical Peels for anti-aging, sun spots, and wrinkles
  • Deep Exfoliation
  • Red UV Light Treatments for anti-aging
  • Blue UV Light Treatments for acne

Internal medicine is the study of the broad and comprehensive spectrum of illnesses that affect adults. At Prime Performance, doctors not only diagnose but also help in the treatment of chronic illness, and in health promotion and disease prevention. Prime Performance runs the full gamut of health and wellness testing and provides its patients the necessary, healthy solution(s) for proper treatment.

  • ALCAT allergy testing
  • NutrEval testing
  • Pharmaceutical grade supplements  
  • Gluten intolerance & Sensitivities
  • Veganism & required supplementations
  • Anti-inflammatory diets
  • Paleo & Zone & Cleanse
  • Medical Weight Management

Prime Performance seeks to position itself as a one stop shop for all of your health and wellness needs and in doing so, has begun offering its patients general primary care options including:

  • Physicals
  • Common Cold and Sick Visits
  • Flu Care
  • Vitamin C Shots
  • Vitamin B Shots


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