Prime Performance's corporate wellness solutions are built on a proprietary model of managing weight, eliminating pain, and increasing fitness to reduce overall health risk exposure. All participant progress is tracked and made available in quarterly reports with executive summaries so you can have a big-picture view of the trends of your employee population. 

Prime Performance can help you decrease healthcare costs and make open enrollment easier for your team with the following:     

  • Population HRA's (Health Risk Assessments)
  • Turnkey Staff Fitness Incentive Programs
  • Participant Communications Campaigns
  • Medically Supervised Weight, Pain, & Injury Management

We don't hand your staff a list of foods to avoid or exercises to perform and leave them to their wits. We educate and inspire them, often working out with them, helping less motivated individuals integrate healthy habits. This results in an increased accountability for a patient's own wellness, which is ultimately more efficient than your company paying for their medical and prescription drug benefits to “manage” their health.

For select local corporations, Prime Performance provides complimentary wellness events such as employee fitness assessments and in-office chair massages that enhance most employee health and benefits packages. The new Prime Performance Wellness Center located in Downtown Los Angeles at 811 Wilshire Boulevard features cutting-edge fitness and therapy technologies to make being healthy easier, more convenient, and more cost effective.

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